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The matelso platform for a communication based lead management creates a massively shortened toolchain, more valuable leads for the same budget as well as better insights and data about your customers. It is based on four elements: our Webmaster Plugin, the intuitive Workspace, the Communication Cockpit and the Data Distributor.

matelso modules
Webmaster Plugin

The Webmaster Plugin is the starting point to centrally provide and track all relevant interaction points on your website – simple and efficient, all from one source.


Our Workspace is your key to never losing valuable leads and contacts again – a true empowerment for your marketing and sales department.

Communication Cockpit

The Communication Cockpit is the brain and heart of the matelso platform: Here you build up and expand the knowledge and valuable insights about your leads – in future also with smart algorithms and data models.

Data Distributor

The Data Distributor is the bridge between the matelso platform and your third-party systems such as CRM and analytics tools – the simple and efficient integration creates additional value out of your data and improves marketing results.

The power of matelso platform

Are you in search for quick results? In the following video, we prove that our platform can actually be up and running in just 5 minutes! Ideal for marketing decision makers who have no time to waste. Take a look and see for yourself!
Configure Conversation Points
No matter which contact point is important for you – chat, video call, phone call with numbers, web call without numbers, mail, contact form etc. – configure the interaction options on your website the way you need them. It’s up to you whether you enable one, two or all available contact points for a particular page – everything is possible, the system is completely customizable. In addition, at this configuration level you can define exactly who (person or team) should be available at what time, via which channel.

In this way you shorten your entire toolchain – fast, easily and from a single source.

Script / Tag Manager

The Webmaster Plugin is a simple script that you can configure as described in the first step and then easily and conveniently insert into your website – the code can be integrated over the Tag Manager via copy paste. Using the Tag Manager, you can also conveniently and efficiently integrate a specific WMP in each individual page, which defines exactly who can be reached via which channel and when. For example, you can clearly define down to your service offerings who gets to see the contact details.

Contact Bar

The Contact Bar is what users get to see on your site: All the contact points you want to offer for direct interaction are clear and intuitive to use. Users will then always see the contact points customized for the specific page.

The queue is where all contacts converge. All contact channels that you have defined via the various WMPs configured as described in step 1 and built into your website are thus taken into account – Phone Call, Web Call, Video Call, Mail, Contact Form or Chat. The queue is freely customizable for each team and each individual workstation – creating a high level of flexibility and personalization.

All conversations can be easily accepted. They are centrally available to all relevant stakeholders. No contact is lost anymore, no lead goes cold.

Availability & Stats
Always know which employees are currently available: This is possible with the Availability Widget, which clearly and intuitively displays all members of a predefined team – incl. their status. This tool can also be used to easily transfer conversations to another agent.

The statistics widgets additionally visualize important information to optimize communication processes and increase team productivity. All data on contacts, individual conversations, and unaccepted requests are visible here at a glance.

Communication Cockpit
Let’s get personal: Communication always takes place in this area. All conversations can be accepted and edited directly in the Communication Cockpit – users no longer have to switch from one communication tool to another. In the image on the left, for example, you can see how accepting a chat conversation looks on the platform. Everything happens in one place – whether it’s a video call, phone call, web call or written correspondence via e-mail, chat or contact form.
CRM data recording –
contact & company
The magic of the matelso platform is that users can easily and efficiently create new contacts and companies during the ongoing conversation. But that’s not all: the platform is really exciting because it supports users in enriching and refining existing contacts and datasets in the CRM with value-adding additional information from the conversations. Ultimately, this makes the entire dataset in the CRM much more valuable than before. In addition, the ability to record this information directly during the conversation in predefined input schemas saves time and resources and pays directly to marketing results and sales.
Lead Value Area
Finally know how much a lead is worth: The matelso platform gives you a lot of valuable information about the usage and communication behavior of your leads – so-called web session data. This includes not only important insights into how long visitors spend on certain pages and what they actually looked at there. Much more interesting is data that shows you which campaigns they used to reach your site, or even what they have in their shopping cart. You can find out all this with the innovative technologies integrated into the platform.

In the Lead Value area of the Communication Cockpit, users can immediately enter important data for lead scoring and thus massively accelerate the sales process – such as a star rating or what budget is available to the lead. This freely configurable area provides all marketing and sales staff with the information they need to turn leads into buyers.

Communication History
Customer knowledge is key! If a new conversation with an already known contact is initiated in the Communication Cockpit, the system automatically recognizes it and makes the entire conversation history available. All relevant information from the past can thus be used to optimize the new contact and massively improve the customer experience. This works even if the user’s specific contact details are not known – via their cookie ID. This allows the platform to identify each contact and provide the consultant with information that is already available. An example: three days ago, a potential customer contacted the company via chat without leaving his contact information. When a new contact is made, the system recognizes the cookie ID and thus automatically links the conversation to the new lead.
Data Distributor
All information collected can be transferred with the Data Distributor to third-party systems of a company – such as: CRM, analysis tools, ad channels or ERP systems. The goal: to make the company and its processes faster, easier and more efficient – with more and better data, more valuable customer insights and faster decision-making processes.

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