Call Tracking:
Find and win the customers you really want!

With Call Tracking from the market leader matelso

Which channels and campaigns generate calls? Easy to answer with Call Tracking. The result: an optimized marketing ROI and and hard numbers about the success of your campaigns.

Call Tracking:
Find and win the customers you really want!

With Call tracking from the market leader matelso!

Which channels and campaigns generate calls? Easy to answer with call tracking. The result: an optimized marketing ROI and hard numbers about the success of your campaigns.

10k+ Websites use our Call Tracking

“...with matelso Call Tracking we ensure optimal online marketing performance for all business models ...”
Stephan Siegloch,

KlickPiloten GmbH

“Ideal for measuring calls. Good functionality and usability, great support, relatively unique features...”
Sebastian Brandstetter,


“Must have for any marketeer working with call leads! ... by now one of the most important decision support tools ever. ..."
Ben Kretzschmar,

Autoland AG

“... The implementation as well as the cooperation with matelso is uncomplicated and always solution-oriented. …”

Marc Lemke,

PHD Germany GmbH

“... through the optimizations with Call Tracking, we generated 8% more leads for the franchises …”

Mario Löwe

Küche&Co GmbH

Maximum Marketing ROI

Inbound call data significantly optimizes online marketing campaigns!


Better decisions
Call Tracking generates valuable marketing insights, thanks to which you can better manage your campaigns.

AI Optimization
The data automatically contributes to a better marketing ROI, thanks to an integration with Google Ads (Smart Bidding).

Optimal Marketing Reports

Call Conversion Tracking creates transparency


Call Tracking Dashboards
Visualize call data in dashboards for maximum visibility into channel and caller origin.

Web analytics for better insights
Integrating the acquired data into analytics tools generates valuable insights about your website visitors.

Efficient Lead Management

CRM integration: How Call Tracking creates stronger Lead Management


All leads at a glance
With Call Tracking, you can integrate all calls into your CRM, even with information about the origin of the caller and their user behavior on the website.

Easy Lead Management
Even without integration to CRM, Call Tracking can help with Lead Management with automated emails and smart routing routes.

See for yourself how matelso Call Tracking can help you achieve your marketing goals. We will show you how you can easily and quickly book specific phone numbers for numerous campaigns and channels via our innovative web interfaces and APIs – in over 60 countries.
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matelso Integrations

Cleanly integrate Marketing and Sales data into CRM and analytics tools - with matelso.

matelso offers innovative MarTech solutions that can easily integrate your data into third-party systems such as CRM, analytics tools or ERP. They allow real-time updates of your marketing activities without data silos.

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Integrating data into your infrastructure is easy with the help of our consulting team.
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How does Call Tracking work?

Step 1:

Control Panel: Create address and book phone number

Step 2:

Simply integrate the matelso S&R Script into the website

Step 2:

Simply integrate the matelso S&R Script into the website

Step 3:

Set up the pushes in your tools, for example Google Ads or Analytics

Step 4:

Get started and optimize your campaigns

Profit from Call Tracking data?

matelso Call Tracking FAQ

matelso Call Tracking is an innovative technology that enables marketers to rely even more on the performance of their campaigns and further optimize them based on customer needs and habits. Here, interested parties can find answers to the most important questions about our MarTech solution.

What are the advantages of Call Tracking?

Call Tracking offers companies the opportunity to precisely measure and optimize the effectiveness of marketing measures. It enables detailed analysis of call sources and call histories, helping to improve customer service.

Call Tracking provides a better idea of which campaigns generate the most calls and which actions have the highest conversion rates. By analyzing call times and durations, marketers can also gain important insights into customer needs and behaviors.


How does Call Tracking work?

Generally speaking, Call Tracking links an advertising campaign to a dedicated phone number and the calls it triggers. The technology determines and analyzes how many calls individual advertising measures actually generate and ultimately how successful they are. In particular, Call Tracking addresses issues such as the length of a call, the general number of calls as well as the value of a call.

In addition, Call Tracking can be divided into two different levels, which work as follows:

  • Static Call Tracking
    Static Call Tracking uses different call numbers for the website, print ads, and on the radio to measure the performance of these mediums. Specifically: this method uses a single call number for each (advertising) measure. Marketers thus learn, for example, which poster or website triggers the most calls.


  • Dynamic Call Tracking
    Dynamic Call Tracking can be used to precisely measure the success of online advertising measures. It works like this: A script is embedded on a website that plays out an individual call number to each visitor. This allows marketers to clearly assign each generated call to a website visitor. In addition, they can measure the connection between telephone inquiries/orders and the individual online advertising channels (SEA, display, newsletter, SEO,…).

Is Call Tracking GPDR compliant? What do I have to consider?

matelso Call Tracking is GDPR compliant. We are contract data processors for our customers, we only use first party cookies. The data collected as part of our projects “belongs” to our customers and is not used by matelso for any other purpose. In addition, our servers are located in Germany.

In the case of dynamic Call Tracking, the privacy policy of the website should contain a corresponding note. In addition, Call Tracking should be integrated into the consent management. We are happy to assist you with the review – in cooperation with data protection officers and legal advisors.

Find more info here.


Can I measure Call Tracking calls as a conversion in Google Analytics (GA)?

Yes. matelso Call Tracking can be linked to various services such as Matomo, Google Ads, Marin Software, intelliAd, Webtrekk, doubleclick, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics.

Via the Google Analytics integration, the collected Call Tracking data can be transferred to Google Analytics. With existing links between Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, marketers can also track incoming calls down to the keyword level and integrate them into their Google Analytics reports.


Does the Call Tracking number also have my local area code or is it always an 0800 number

The decision about a local area code is up to each customer. They define individually for each Call Tracking scenario whether they want a local Call Tracking number or whether it should be a 0800 number. The range of functions is the same. Experience shows that for local companies a number with a local area code is often desired.

Which Call Tracking package is right for me?

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution in Call Tracking – each package should be customized. We are therefore happy to advise and put together what we believe to be the perfect Call Tracking package, without obligation.

Finde more info here.

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