We love turning
data into successful
business stories

Marketing and Sales, stronger together – that is our mission! We bundle communication, lead management and marketing data in our solutions, for more success in sales and marketing.

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Call Tracking and communication based lead management software from the market leader matelso.

We love turning
data into successful
business stories

Marketing and Sales, stronger together – that is our mission! We bundle communication, lead management and marketing data in our solutions, for more success in sales and marketing.
Powered by:

Call Tracking and communication based lead management software from market leader matelso.

10k+ Websites use our Call Tracking

“...with matelso Call Tracking we ensure optimal online marketing performance for all business models ...”
Stephan Siegloch,

KlickPiloten GmbH

“Ideal for measuring calls. Good functionality and usability, great support, relatively unique features...”
Sebastian Brandstetter,


“Must have for any marketeer working with call leads! ... by now one of the most important decision support tools ever. ..."
Ben Kretzschmar,

Autoland AG

“... The implementation as well as the cooperation with matelso is uncomplicated and always solution-oriented. …”

Marc Lemke,

PHD Germany GmbH

“... through the optimizations with Call Tracking, we generated 8% more leads for the franchises …”

Mario Löwe

Küche&Co GmbH

matelso platform

matelso platform: Market-leading Communication & Lead Management platform

Our mission: We weld marketing and sales together in a seamless lead management process, making both together the driver of business success!


Massively shortened toolchain
Communication platform with mail, chat, video, call and contact form that brings all conversations together

Transparent marketing ROI and better results

Transfer marketing and lead data quickly and easily into CRM or analytics tools such as Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Better customer experience
Consult potential customers directly in the matelso platform and score these leads in terms of Lead Management

matelso Call Tracking

matelso Call Tracking: Optimized marketing ROI and stronger marketing insights.

Call Tracking is simply a MUST for online marketing in many industries – B2B, automotive retail, (performance marketing) agencies!


Clean reporting: make better decisions
Connect calls with marketing activities like SEA, social, print. True local tracking call numbers for online and offline Call Tracking.

Maximum marketing ROI
Use call conversions for optimization in smart bidding campaigns.

Successful Lead Management
Integrate call data into dashboard, web tracking, marketing and CRM solutions.

matelso Integrations

Cleanly integrate Marketing and Sales data into CRM and analytics tools - with matelso.

matelso offers innovative MarTech solutions that can easily integrate your data into third-party systems such as CRM, analytics tools or ERP. They allow real-time updates of your marketing activities without data silos.

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Integrating data into your infrastructure is easy with the help of our consulting team.
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matelso in the press
Our technology and our brand are attracting more and more public attention. This is not least noticeable through increasing press coverage. Here you can experience how the media reports about us and our martech solutions – Call Tracking and the matelso platform. You can find more about our press work in our newsroom.

How companies should prepare for the EU AI Act

HORIZONT | 07.07.2023

Presumably on January 1, 2026, the EU AI Act will come into force. All companies that use artificial intelligence are affected by this and should make preparations now. Because not much will change in the regulatory framework.

matelso restructures Marketing Communication department

absatzwirtschaft | 30.06.2023

The marketing tech company matelso is strategically repositioning itself: Founder and CEO Frank G. Froux appoints a new marketing communications team. Iwen Kuhn, William Wells, Laura Schmitt and Danny Andris share the task.

Optimizing customer conversations: 3 AI use cases

marconomy | 29.05.2023

Customer meetings are important contact points in the lead management process, especially in the B2B sector. This is often where the decision is made as to whether a deal is struck or not. Artificial intelligence can help companies to be more successful.

You want to wire Marketing & Sales more strongly?

The solution: Call Tracking and Lead Management from matelso!

See for yourself how the software solutions matelso Call Tracking and matelso platform can maximize your bundled marketing and sales power.
matelso Blog

On our blog we share knowledge and insights with our readers – always useful, always interesting. There you will also find our webinars and the success stories of our customers.
Here you will find a selection of our most recent articles, but you can also access the blog directly with this link: Blog

matelso FAQ

As always, when it comes to technology, there are many questions that should be answered! In our FAQs, we address the most important ones that we get asked day after day in conversations with customers and prospects.

What is behind matelso?

We are one of the leading providers of MarTech solutions and platforms for communication management, lead management, call tracking, and online and digital marketing.

For more than 15 years, our 40-strong team based in Kaiserslautern has been setting innovative business trends and helping customers such as the portals Autoscout24 and Immoscout24, the agency moccamedia, the electronics retailer Euronics, the car manufacturer Nissan, and telecommunications companies such as Vodafone and Telefonica to optimize their marketing campaigns and spending.


What exactly does matelso do?

We create more efficient and better sales, customer care, decision and lead management processes.

We create more efficiency
With cloud-based, turnkey technology, we support our customers in setting up more efficient and better processes. In the areas of sales, customer care, business decisions and lead management.

We connect
From the first click on the website to the scored lead in the CRM, our software-as-service solutions make all relevant data available across the company, seamlessly and in one central location.

We simplify and improve
With innovative platforms, we massively simplify the toolchain, significantly improve data quality in CRM and actively eliminate data silos within a company.


How many customers does matelso currently have?

We have over 500 customers actively using our MarTech solutions in the areas of call tracking and communication-based lead management. Our call tracking technology is currently installed on over 10,000 websites and ensures real business success and massively improved marketing ROI for our customers.

What is matelso's corporate goal?

Our mission is: We love turning data into successful business stories!

We believe in the positive power of data. It creates knowledge about people and thus forms the basis for success for our customers. Our mission accompanies us every day. It has been the foundation for all our MarTech solutions and platforms since our founding in 2006.

Our goal: We support companies in setting up more efficient and better processes. In all relevant areas: In marketing, sales and customer care, in business decisions and in lead management.


What does the Kaiserslautern location mean for matelso?

For us as a company, the innovation location Kaiserslautern has a very special meaning. A large number of our colleagues come from the region – including our CEO Frank G. Froux. In addition, we find excellent conditions for further growth here:

  • Proximity to universities and colleges
  • Contact to many IT and tech companies
  • A continuous stream of new ideas and inspiration for our MarTech solutions

We feel so committed to Kaiserslautern as a business location that we are making a forward-looking statement: We are building a completely new company building for matelso on the Europahöhe – our Inspiration Hub. Here, starting in September 2023, we will set new impulses for digitization of companies and continue to be inspired in exchange with partners, customers and experts. Always with our motto in mind: Turning data into successful business stories!


What is the difference between the matelso platform and Call Tracking?

The main difference: call tracking specializes in call analytics, while the lead management system matelso platform maps the entire process from the first click on the website to the evaluated lead in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) or Google Ads.


  • Call Tracking: The technology tracks and analyzes incoming calls, often as part of marketing campaigns, to evaluate their performance.
  • matelso platform: It maps the entire process of Communication (via mail, chat, telephony, video call, contact form) and Lead Management, supporting the conversion of potential customers (leads) – including lead scoring, lead nurturing and conversion.

How do I become part of the matelso team?

We are continuously looking for new colleagues for all areas of our company. therefore our explicit invitation: Apply and come on board!
You can find our current job postings here: