Call Tracking:
A booster for marketing!

Three industries that should rely on Call Tracking: B2B, automotive and agencies!

As a B2B or automotive marketer as well as a (performance marketing) agency manager, you should rely on the innovative matelso Call Tracking technology to significantly increase your marketing results as well as your ROI.

Call Tracking is an indispensable tool for companies looking to improve their marketing ROI and budget efficiency – especially in the B2B, automotive and agency industries. By tracking call leads, these companies can gain valuable insights into their marketing strategies and channels, making their budgets more efficient. Overall, Call Tracking is a powerful tool to collect valuable data on call leads and significantly improve all marketing and sales processes.

Call Tracking in B2B environments

With Call Tracking, B2B companies benefit from a unique competitive advantage: Often, especially when selling high-priced or highly explanatory products and/or services, the telephone is THE communication channel of choice. (Potential) customers often call the company directly after visiting the website in order to receive in-depth advice or to conduct a sales conversation. This process contains a lot of valuable data and information that resourceful marketers can put to work for them – with Call Tracking. The technology helps them measure the success of their marketing campaigns and sales activities and optimize them using the collected data and insights – for example, which keywords and campaigns generate the most inbound calls, how can I improve the CTAs (call-to-action) on my website, or what specific information are my customers looking for.

All of this data pays directly into the issues of marketing efficiency, transparency and ROI, improving not only the marketing strategy but also the sales process.

Call Tracking in the automotive industry

Particularly in the automotive industry (OEMs, car dealerships, automotive workshops, etc.), the traditional call (whether telephony or web call) is still THE most important communication channel between customers and companies. This is where (potential) customers pick up all the important information in consultation or appointment discussions. Calls play an enormously important role in the car buying process. This is why companies in this industry in particular need technology to track and analyze calls and optimize the corresponding campaigns. 

By using Call Tracking, automotive companies and dealers can track and analyze incoming calls to gain valuable insights as well as customer knowledge. They can see which marketing campaigns or keywords lead to the most calls, which sales rep is taking the most calls, and what questions or concerns potential customers have. 

This know-how then forms the foundation for optimizing marketing strategies and sales processes and maximizing ROI. Call Tracking also helps marketers and sales professionals improve the customer experience by using the data to optimize call quality and service.

Call Tracking for (performance marketing) agencies

Digital, online, and performance marketing agencies should embrace Call Tracking because the technology enables them to fully track, analyze, and significantly optimize the success of their marketing campaigns. By using Call Tracking tools, agencies can track calls from potential customers triggered by their marketing efforts print and digital, online and offline) and understand exactly which campaigns or channels are delivering the best results – generating the most leads.

The data obtained in this way provides agency managers with in-depth insights into how they can manage and optimize campaigns much better. The result: greater marketing and budget efficiency as well as a higher ROI. Furthermore, Call Tracking also helps agencies improve lead generation (both their own and their customers’) by optimizing the call process and customer experience to generate more conclusions.

Overall, Call Tracking is an indispensable tool for agencies that want to optimize their clients’ campaigns and improve the efficiency and transparency of the marketing budgets entrusted to them.

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