Put an end to data
silos and complex
MarTech structures!

The data-based communication platform for marketing and sales.

With a simple and smart platform, matelso radically simplifies lead management processes. Complex data becomes the core ingredient for your business success. Our all-in-one solution helps you understand your customers better. For an efficient communication based lead management.

Communication and lead management combined in one platform.

Your customer journey is full of valuable insights. matelso optimally connects telephony, chat, video calls, email or contact forms. Intelligent lead management simplifies communication and ensures that you can achieve better marketing results.

matelso Benefits
so simple

Because we radically simplify processes.

Video call, chat, contact form, telephony and mail easily integrated into the website.

Thanks to our webmaster plugin, we simplify your toolchain significantly. All contacts take place in one user interface, making clear tracking easy for everyone. It is not necessary to be an IT or data expert. Look forward to an efficient and resource-saving workflow.

so powerful

Because we create progress.

All requests whether offline or online in one queue for better lead management.

We take conversations and prioritized work to a new level. With Queue Management, you manage and process all leads centrally in one place. So you get the most out of your customer journey and optimize communication processes across multiple channels. Benefit from an application that grows with your requirements.

so smart
Because we know more about your customers.

Lead Nurturing, Kommunikation und wichtige Daten zum Interessenten an einem Ort in der Cloud-Software.

The communication module is the center of our platform. With it, you not only understand who communicates when and how, but also what your customers are talking about with you. In addition to tracking insights, this module also includes customizable lead scoring that allows you to calculate real marketing ROI. With better data on lead quality, you can increase your budget efficiency and transparency across the entire marketing and lead management process.

so integrated

Because we combine experience and innovation.

Lead und Conversion Daten in Drittsyteme wie Google Analytics, Ads, CRM oder ERP integrieren.

The combination of many years of accumulated knowledge and the drive to constantly develop better applications for you creates innovative solutions that can be precisely integrated into existing infrastructures. With the matelso platform, you can integrate and transfer all your conversion and customer data relevant to lead management into connected third-party systems such as CRM, ad channels, ERP or analytics tools.

matelso platform

Experience the benefits of our software first hand. For more details, please visit our features page or book a free trial account directly!

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Many companies trust us and have been using our successful solutions for years.

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We think progressively and outside the box. You don’t have to be a start-up to do that. A medium-sized, owner-managed company can also do this successfully and very well.

Over 15 years of success in the MarTech market

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We offer solutions that address the marketing challenges of the future – based on more than 15 years of experience in the field of call tracking.

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