Set up Google Ads Push Integration

In this article we explain how to set up a Google Ads Push Integration in the matelso Control Panel. With this integration, you can import matelso calls to Google Ads as conversions. #


1. Before the push configuration is created, the Google Ads account must be registered with matelso. #


2. An access request from matelso is sent to the Google Ads account. This access request must be accepted. #

Accept Google Ads access request


3. If the access request is accepted, the registered account gets a green tick in the matelso control panel. If this does not appear immediately, wait 5-10 minutes. Then click on the successfully registered account in the control panel and create the desired conversion profile. This conversion will then be created live in the Ads account. Please do not change the name of the conversion in the Ads account or in matelso. #


4. Switch the tab to Push Configurations and click on Google Ads. #


5. Enter a name for the push configuration, it only serves as a description in the control panel. #


6. Set a filter if desired, we recommend to send all calls #


7. Select the conversion profile you have created from the drop-down menu and save it #


8. Link as many matelso call tracking pool numbers as you like now or later. #