9 Oct 2022

Webinar: Call Tracking with Google Analytics 4

Short summary of the matelso Call Tracking webinar about Google Analytics 4

In this German webinar, we provide detailed information about Call Tracking, its relevance for performance marketing strategies and how companies can integrate conversion data into the new Google Analytics 4. This is crucial as it allows companies to get a comprehensive view of their customer journey and understand how calls fit into the big picture. In this way, businesses can make informed decisions about their online marketing and sales efforts and optimize their campaigns to drive better results – and ultimately higher sales.

Definition: What is Call Tracking

Call Tracking basics: Call Tracking uses unique phone numbers for tracking purposes. When a customer clicks on an ad and is redirected to a website with a call tracking phone number, the data from the call is recorded and analyzed – for example, in GA4. Marketers can use this data to optimize their online marketing strategies and campaigns. This leads to significantly higher marketing efficiency.

Here are some interesting facts about Call Tracking:

  • Customers who use the call communication channel to contact a business convert 10-15 times more often and faster than other customers.
  • In addition, 40% of customers call to ask for specific details before making a purchase, especially for higher value products.
  • Call Tracking can increase customer loyalty because customers who call tend to be more engaged with a company.

Overall, Call Tracking helps companies optimize their marketing spend. The technology allows marketers to better understand which marketing investments are most effective and generate the most calls. This allows them to allocate their resources and budgets more efficiently. In addition, managers can integrate call tracking data with other data sources, such as CRM systems and sales data, to get a complete view of the customer journey. The result: much better data-driven marketing decisions. If this data is then transferred into Google Analytics 4 in the right way, success is guaranteed.

Summary of the webinar content

This webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to Call Tracking, its importance to performance marketing strategies, and the integration of conversion data into the new Google Analytics 4. By integrating call tracking data into GA4, organizations gain a comprehensive view of their customer journey and can make informed decisions about their online marketing and sales activities. This ultimately leads to better results.

The webinar will also cover the changes in Google Analytics 4 compared to the previous version, Universal Analytics. New data can only be integrated into GA4 from July 1, 2023, while data from Universal Analytics will be available until December 31, 2023. Users should therefore upgrade to Google Analytics 4 in time to avoid potential data access issues in the future – including call tracking conversions.

The webinar will include a demonstration of call tracking in Google Analytics 4, including specific examples of generating more inbound calls and integrating call tracking data into GA4. Recommendations for setting up GA4 for call tracking are also included, including how to integrate collected conversion data. In addition, the webinar will go over GA4’s various reporting capabilities, including the ability to create custom reports and use the data for marketing and promotional purposes.

Watch the German webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_ymHI67-fU

Oct 9, 2022

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