21 Apr 2023

Use Case KlickPiloten: Call Tracking in agency environments

Call Tracking in agency environments – Use Case: online marketing agency KlickPiloten

The online and digital marketing agency KlickPiloten focuses on digital marketing for B2C, B2B, manufacturers as well as multichannel retailers. With offices in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin, the specialists advise, design, plan and support their clients in all aspects of creative and data-driven performance and online marketing. KlickPiloten’s customers include companies and brands such as Märklin, Olympus, TÜV Süd and VFB Stuttgart.

KlickPiloten and matelso have been successful business partners since 2014. Together they improve online marketing and the marketing performance of many companies with innovative MarTech solutions.

With this use case we show you how Call Tracking in agency environments works and what benefits angencies can generate for their clients.

Starting point

For many companies, calls are extremely important as a contact and communication channel with their customers. We know that, especially in the B2B sector, many customers and interested parties pick up the phone directly after visiting the website in order to receive precise and comprehensive advice or to enter into direct purchase negotiations. Accordingly, it is important for these companies to know which advertising or marketing measures lead to how many inbound calls. This is almost impossible with conventional tracking methods and technologies. To close this measurement gap between clicks and calls and to offer their customers an efficient tracking and reporting solution for the performance of their campaigns, the agency KlickPiloten was looking for a reliable technology – and found it in matelso’s Call Tracking.


The agency was looking for a way to provide customers and brands like Märklin, Olympus, TÜV Süd or VFB Stuttgart with a proven technology that offers a full 360° view of the success of online and performance marketing campaigns. The focus was on the call channel: a particular challenge, as it was previously difficult – even almost impossible – to establish the connection between an incoming call and an ongoing campaign.

Before starting with matelso’s Call Tracking technology, the KlickPiloten specialists had to rely on inaccurate estimates of the number of calls triggered by campaigns to infer success. Another method: measuring the micro-conversions achieved, such as clicks on a company’s contact page. All these inaccuracies led to unsatisfactory campaign performance, high wastage and low budget efficiency and transparency.

The goal was therefore clearly formulated:
Call Tracking was to achieve better budget allocation and ensure an efficient measurement method for all relevant conversions. In short: more leads for the same budget and a higher marketing ROI.

The solution: matelso Call Tracking in agency environments

Together with KlickPiloten, we offer an innovative, in-depth tracking solution that enables agency customers to record and analyze all inbound calls and use the insights gained to optimize online marketing. An important aspect here are the comprehensive integration options with the Tag Managers of Google and Matomo. In addition, the interfaces of the matelso Call Tracking solution into third-party systems such as Google Ads, Meta or Google Analytics 4 (GA4) or Matomo offer a significant advantage that directly leads to more marketing and campaign efficiency as well as a higher marketing ROI.

Our matelso Control Panel is another advantage for the agency KlickPiloten: with this backend portal, the performance and online marketing specialists can independently handle all necessary configurations of the Call Tracking functions for their clients on one interface.

The result

With our Call Tracking technology, KlickPiloten’s customers get a much more accurate measurement of their campaign successes and inbound calls. This can be evaluated down to the keyword level and thus offers significant optimization potential. Marketers can use these insights to target keywords much more efficiently than before and focus their online marketing and campaign budgets on successful search terms or marketing measures.

In concrete terms: In the end, matelso Call Tracking brings KlickPlioten’s customers an average uplift in campaign performance of 5 – 10%. A good reason why Call Tracking in agency environments is an absolut must have.

Apr 21, 2023

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