13 May 2024

Online marketing: Optimize B2B lead generation and campaigns – with the matelso platform

B2B lead generation: The most important pain points and how to solve them!

B2B lead generation: Generating B2B leads is one of the pillars of successful online marketing. However, problems often arise that hinder the entire process. In our recent webinar “The 3 biggest brakes for your B2B online lead campaigns – and how to solve them!” we looked at these problems in detail. This article summarizes the key points and offers practical solutions for the most common pain points: faulty lead routing, data silos and poor tool integration. We focus on the approach in the Google world – other channels such as LinkedIn or Meta should still be considered by B2B marketers when it comes to generating qualified leads.

Or simply watch the webinar in full here:

Pain point 1:
Optimization of lead routing for more effective B2B lead generation

Core causes of ineffective lead routing

Effective lead routing is crucial to ensure that potential customers can always be assigned to the right contact points in the company throughout their entire customer journey – one of the key factors for excellent lead generation. Often the problem lies in inefficient processes or a lack of automation, which leads to leads being lost or not used effectively.

Solutions for more leads in B2B campaigns

To optimize lead routing, it is advisable to regularly review and adjust the routing rules. Automated systems can help to automatically assign leads to the right teams based on specific pre-defined criteria. A strong focus on data quality and regular training of the teams involved are also essential to generate more marketing qualified leads and keep the sales funnel full.

Pain point 2:
Tearing down data silos between marketing & sales

Why data silos impair B2B lead generation

Data silos occur when departments do not share information effectively, leading to inefficient processes and missed business opportunities. These silos prevent a unified view of the customer, which impairs lead generation and conversion. The result is suboptimal lead management processes and fewer conversions than would be possible.

Strategies for more B2B leads through relevant exchange between marketing and sales

Close cooperation between marketing and sales is crucial – especially for B2B companies. Joint workshops and regular meetings can help to standardize goals and improve communication channels. Technology solutions such as an integrated CRM system help to ensure that both teams have access to the same data, can respond in real time and are always generating new leads. These measures allow companies to develop better B2B lead generation strategies.

Pain point 3:
Improve the integration of online marketing tools for high-quality leads

Challenges and solutions for tool integration in B2B marketing

Connecting marketing tools, especially in the Google world, can be complicated. Problems often arise due to incompatible systems, inadequate configuration of the interfaces or insufficient marketing automation.

Qualify and generate more B2B leads with Google tools

To improve the integration of marketing tools, it is important that all systems can “talk” to each other. A central platform that serves as a hub for all tools can significantly increase efficiency. Marketers should also focus on training and technical support to ensure that all team members can use the tools effectively.

Conclusion: Better B2B lead generation with the matelso platform

Effective B2B lead generation requires a flawless interplay of technologies, processes and teams. By identifying and solving these issues, companies can ensure that their lead generation campaigns are successful, achieve their business goals and interact seamlessly with target audiences.

A great way to achieve all of this is through our lead management solution – the matelso platform.

Learn more about the matelso platform and how it generates better results in the B2B lead gen business!

May 13, 2024

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