1 Sep 2022

DMEXCO is the place to be: We launch our new Digital Customer Experience platform.

After a two-year break from Corona, the time has finally come again: Europe’s leading digital marketing and tech conference, DMEXCO, will once again open its doors in Cologne on September 21 and 22. The ideal setting to launch something innovative! And that’s what we’re doing: The stage is ideal to present our new cloud-based Digital Experience platform to a broad professional audience for the first time – matelso platform for a communication based lead management.

Next generation Digital Customer Experience platform

At booth no. E-011a in Hall 8, marketers and decision-makers from all business areas in companies will get a profound insight into the future of data-driven marketing: with the matelso platform, which recently received an innovation grant of 500,000 euros from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, marketers can seamlessly integrate all conversational touchpoints – (video) telephony, chat, email or contact forms – into their websites as well as into all common third-party systems such as CRM or analytics tools in a cloud-based, turnkey way and from a single source. This enables them to create the structures to significantly optimize their online marketing activities – every conversation is linked to a cookie ID and thus maps the user’s entire customer journey. In addition, direct integration into the CRM enables existing customer data to be enriched with the collected interaction data. Marketers now know not only which customer contacted the company when and via which channel, but also what was said or written – this is the basis for a significantly improved lead management process. And as a bonus, the complexity of the infrastructure is significantly reduced, which additionally saves resources and budget.
“Lead management is one of the most relevant business topics that we address with our new platform. We support this process not only with a complete visualization and efficient queuing of every single direct contact between customer and company – so no call, chat or contact form remains unanswered anymore,” says our founder and CEO Frank G. Froux. “With the collected data from the conversation-driven channels, responsible parties continue to get a 360° view of their entire customer journey and can thus optimize their online marketing strategy to fit all target groups precisely. This saves resources and increases budget efficiency tremendously.”

What’s next?

In future development steps, artificial intelligence will also play an important role. In the future, we will develop intelligent systems, algorithms, and data models and implement them in the matelso platform that are aimed at analyzing, recognizing, and visualizing speech patterns, keywords, brand messages, and moods in the human conversational structure – whether in vocal or written interaction. This enables marketers to leverage all Conversational Touchpoints to make the customer experience more engaging, efficient and beneficial for customers across the entire customer journey.
We will also be presenting our renowned Call Tracking solution to interested trade visitors at the trade fair stand and demonstrating how this technology can be used to optimize sales, marketing and customer care processes.

Do not miss our Corporate Lecture at DMEXCO


  • Title: “Unveiling the full potential of your conversations – the better way to manage your leads!” – Introducing our new Digital Customer Experience platform.
  • Speaker: Frank G. Froux, CEO and founder of matelso
  • Location: Media Stage, Hall 8
  • Time: Wednesday (9/21) at 11:20 a.m. (approx. 20 minutes)

Sep 1, 2022

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Möchten Sie mit uns in das Lead Management von morgen starten?

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst davon, wie die matelso platform for a communication based lead management Plattform Ihr Kundenerlebnis verändern wird.

Do you want to start into the lead management of the future with us?
See for yourself how the matelso platform for a communication based lead management will change your customer experience.